Just because something has always been done one way, it doesn’t mean it’s the right way.

The word cambia means change in Latin. To us, it means challenging conventional wisdom, and even if you don’t change direction, understanding the alternatives. Cambia Factor takes a learn the rules so you can break them approach, which results in more efficient processes and more relevant answers. Before pursuing a path that might be a dead end, Cambia Factor asks: Is this really what we need to track? Is it what we need to develop?


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Jordan Goldmeier is an internationally recognized analytics professional and data visualization expert, author, speaker, and CEO. He is the  owner of Cambia Factor, a data consulting agency and the author of Advanced Excel Essentials, a book on developing advanced analytics with Excel. He has consulted with and provided training for NATO Training Mission, the Pentagon, Air Force and Navy, Financial Times, University of Cincinnati and others. His work has been cited by and quoted in the Associated Press, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Dice News, and American Express OPEN Forum. He holds the prestigious MVP award from Microsoft since 2013 and is an owner and producer of Excel.TV, an online community devoted to sharing the stories, setbacks, and lessons from experts and practitioners in Excel, business intelligence, big data, and analytics. 

I’m absolutely delighted to now have a perfect solution, but am also extremely impressed with the speed and efficiency with which this was delivered…. Jordan has now delivered a fully working solution and I’ve been able to complete the work for my Client

Traci Williams, Managing Direct, Excel Ace More From Our Clients