Over emphasis of the technical

by Jordan Goldmeier Nov 11, 2014 0 Comments

The more server space and cloud infrastructure we have, the better we can process data. There’s no doubt such infrastructure is a key ingredient in big data analytics. But, in truth, our data problem is not a technical one. The technology to process big data is easy to acquire, fairly well understood, and incredibly cheap. If anything, technology is the easy part.

The emphasis of the project should always be on how the results of the engagement will bring value to the company, where technology is seen as a means to an end and not an end of itself. If your Big Data consultant opens with costly licensing and maintenance fees to install a new platform, realize you’re dealing with a technology vendor who may not fully understand the underlying business case. You’re dealing with a hammer who views every problem as a nail; instead, you should deal the craftsmen.

If a company says, “this product will replace your spreadsheet,” they’re admitting to an incredible lack of novelty; the capabilities of a thirty-year-old technologies shouldn’t be hard to replicate. Nobody should be impressed by this.

What you should look for is a partner who won’t sell you on a specific technology but will help you uncover the true business need. Complex business problems are only made worse through the blind the application of complex technology.  


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